Superchicks: A Guide To TV's Wonder Woman And Isis

Superchicks: A Guide To TV's Wonder Woman And Isis

Written by Billie Rae Bates

"They remain television icons to this day ... Lynda Carter's stunning primetime Wonder Woman and Joanna Cameron's Saturday-morning Isis, inspiring a generation of females growing up in the 1970s by their strength, beauty, smarts and grace. Debuting within two months of each other in 1975, they were the first two female superheroes to have their own live-action American TV shows, captivating millions of viewers with a magical spin and an "Oh, mighty Isis!"
Longtime classic-television analyst BRBTV presents your fun reference guide to both the "Wonder Woman" and "Isis" series in one jam-packed volume, SUPERCHICKS. You'll learn all kinds of zany facts as you relive the moments, go behind the scenes, and even hear from many individuals involved in the shows, such as "WW" story editor Anne Collins-Ludwick and prime stuntgal Jeannie Epper, as well as all three principal stars of "Isis," Cameron, Brian Cutler and Joanna Pang Atkins."