A Cracked Look At 007!
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A Cracked Look At 007!

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From Cracked Magazine #216 with 3 black & white pages. 15 James Bond movies are parodied in this look at the films as follows;
1. Dr. No - Bond (Connery) Is about to punch Dr, No in the No Dice Factory.
2. From Russia With Love - Bond (Connery) is chased by a Big Fat Dame of the KGB.
3. Goldfinger - Bond (Connery) tells Goldfinger to get his thumb of the scale at the Goldfinger's Deli. Also present are the Danger Man, I Spy Agents and U.N.C.L.E. Agents.
4. Thunderball - Bond (Connery) is at a Bowling Alley.
5. You Only Live Twice - Bond has live three times as Connery, Lazenby and Moore.
6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Bond (Lazenby) has to help the Queen get her toe unstuck from the tub faucet.
7. Diamonds Are Forever - Bond (Connery) decide not to play the character again.
8. Live And Let Die - Bond (Moore) and a lady are about to be eaten by a cannibal. Maybe!
9 . The Man With The Golden Gun - Bond (More) has a bigger gun than Scaramamga.
10. The Spy Who Love Me - Bond (Moore) is chased by the same Big Fat Dame of the KGB.
11. Moonraker - Bond (Moore) on the moon tries to stop other from taking all the rocks.
12. For Your Eye Only - Bond (Moore) gets a new pair of x-ray glasses.
13. Octopussy - Bond (Moore) is attacked by a Giant Octopus.
14. Never Say Never Again - Bond (Connery) thinks he wont play the role again for less than 50 Million.
15. A View To A Kill - Bond (Moore) get to view a real killin'.
Reprinted in Cracked Blockbuster #10 in 1996

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