Reducing The Violence In Movies

Reducing The Violence In Movies

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Printed in Cracked Magazine #75 in the "Movie Mayhem And Slay'Em Section." A number of movie genres are parodied as follows;
Westerns: John Wayne is ticket scalped by Indians.
Psycho-Cycle Movies: Bikers make a lady pay to use their clubhouse phone.
War Movies: The enemy loses its machine gun nest by a game of dice.
Monster Movies: The Count bites, then gives tattoos to a lady.
Bank Robber Movies: Bonnie & Clyde must answer a riddle.
Mad Doctor Movies: The doctor destroys magazines and the first is Life.
FBI Movies: The agent is blasted by loud music.
Space Movies: An officer stops aliens.
Aerial Combat Movies: A butcher swats six flies.
Spy Movies: James Bond plays Monopoly with an Asian (most likely Fu Manchu)

Here are the pages I have of it.

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