The Turkish Yataghan
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The Turkish Yataghan

Written by Sax Rohmer

First published in the November 1912 issue of Cassell's Magazine of Fiction, then Collier's Magazine on January 2nd 1932 and The Grand Magazine in October 1936. Also printed in 3 different issues of The Saint Magazines as follows: The Saint Detective Magazine of April 4th 1957, The Saint Detective Magazine (Australia) of November 1957 and The Saint Detective Magazine (UK) of January 1958.
It later appeared in the collection Tales of East and West

This story tells of Nayland Smith as he and Shan Greville (from Daughter of Fu Manchu which this story takes place just after) are offered a Turkish yataghan (dagger) by a drunk sailor. They soon hear that a prominent merchant was murdered by such a weapon and the chase is on.

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