Passport For Charlie

Passport For Charlie

Written by Brian Garfield

A van hauling a shipment of blank U.S. passports have been stolen outside Atlanta. Myerson is tasked with getting them back so he naturally gives the job to Charlie Dark. Complicating things is the fact that man behind the theft is a sometime CIA informant and Myerson wants the items back without letting the man know it was them.
There is a fun shout-out to author Donald Westlake in that the thief was named Parker Dortmunder. Parker was the name of Westlake's brutal and awesome thing (written under the penname of Richard Stark). Dormunder is the name of the criminal genius in a series of comedic crime novels published under Westlake's own name. Both series are fantastic and should be checked out.
Originally in EQMM, Jul 1979. It is the 10th story in the collection Checkpoint Charlie and 7th in the collection Tales of Espionage.

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