They Call Me Superseven

They Call Me Superseven

Directed by Scott Rhodes

Written by Scott Rhodes, Jerry Kokich, T. J. Glenn

Cast: Jerry Kokich as Superseven, Olivia Dunkley as Sandra West, Anne Leighton as Sparky, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez as Thunderpussy, Glenn Takakjian as The Fez

"The evil T.H.E.Y. organization is out to stop ex T.H.E.M. agent, Sandra West. Can Superseven thwart Their, (T.H.E.Y.'s) master plan?"
"The world's greatest superspies are back in action ... in their first feature film adventure." "T.H.E.Y. don't stand a chance."
"Superseven, a Super Spy, international man of mystery, adventurer, scientist and hero along with his beautiful side kick Sandra West battle villains, monsters, giant robots and invading aliens."
A fix-up woven from several previously released webisodes of the online series.