A Daughter Of The Confederacy

A Daughter Of The Confederacy

Directed by Sidney Olcott

Written by Gene Gauntier

Cast: Gene Gauntier as Nan, the Girl Spy

From Moving Picture World Vol 15 #10, March 8, 1913:
As the picture opens we find Captain Allison, of the Union army, out in a bit of Southern forest through which runs a telegraph line. Soon he has tapped the wire and is overhearing the communications of the Confederate commander. A glimpse of the Southern headquarters is flashed to the screen and we perceive that the operator has noticed the momentary break when the line is cut. The officers are warned and come to the conclusion that a wire tapper is at work. Nan, the girl spy, is decided upon as the best person to handle the situation without attracting too much attention and she is sent for. The remainder of the first reel is taken up with her adventure, showing how she makes a capture of the Union officer and brings him handcuffed back to headquarters. The escape of the spy is the chief incident of the second reel and it is made most dramatic. He climbs up a chimney, past the room where Nan is staying and she hears a scraping sound in the wall; but fortunately a rat runs out and leads her to attribute the noise to it. In the second story of the house the Confederate officers are discussing their plans and these the spy is enabled to overhear. One of them also hears the scraping sound and calls the attention of the others to it but is laughed at for his pains. The reel ends when the girl is in her turn captured by the Union men a few hours later. The last reel has the battle scenes and their are pictures to conjure with. The Union captain has permitted the girl to escape. The armies are on the brink of an engagement. At first the girl is merely a witness of the fighting, but there comes a time when her friends are being driven back and then she herself, dressed in the uniform that her friend had given to her, takes a part and rallies them to final victory. Just before the charge the captain is wounded and falls. In the midst of it Nan herself is hit and falls beside him. In the rest of the picture there is developed a pleasing love story whose happy ending is the picture's denouement.