To The Aid Of Stonewall Jackson

To The Aid Of Stonewall Jackson

Directed by Sidney Olcott

Written by Gene Gauntier

Cast: Gene Gauntier as Nan, the Girl Spy

From Moving Picture World Vol 9 #2, July 22, 1911:
This is a thrilling and beautiful picture showing the courageous ride of a pretty Southern heroine with important news of a proposed Union  attack on Gen. Jackson. The first scenes are at the girl's home. Though it is summer, there's a fire on the hearth. The Union forces arrive and Gen Shields makes the house his headquarters. The girl climbs from her beautifully furnished bedroom down a pillar of the porch and listens to Gen. Shields's commands to his officers. She then climbs back. One feels that such a young lady would hardly have been been able to accomplish this unaided. Her ride to Jackson, 100 miles away, is through a very beautifully pictured woodland. She has an exciting adventure at an inn, but reaches the Confederate general, and we catch a glimpse of a fierce battle in the distance as a closing scene. This last picture is very creditable. The picture is for the most part intelligently conducted and very commendable.
Note: IMDB marks the main character as being Nan, the Girl Spy. I have not found anything stating that but they know a whole lot more than I do so I trust them.