The Love Romance of the Girl Spy

The Love Romance of the Girl Spy

Directed by Sidney Olcott

Written by Gene Gauntier

Cast: Gene Gauntier as Nan, the Girl Spy

From Moving Picture World, Vol 6 #16, April 23, 1910.
This is the fourth and last of the Kalem Company's celebrated series of productions relating the fascinating adventures of Nan, the Girl Spy. In this is shown how Fate played a trick on Nan; how she found the man to whom she entrusted herself and her future happiness in the army of the enemy she hated so bitterly.

Scene I. The End of the Battle - Nan Meets the Wounded Union Officer.
Scene II. One Mouth Later - Love's First Awakening.
Scene III. Captain Wilkins Bids Nan Farewell.
Scene IV. The Girl Spy Is Captured.
Scene V. The Escape.
Scene VI. Nan Tells General Lee of Her Failure.
Scene VII. After the War Captain Wilkins Claims His Rebel Sweetheart.

Note: though the publication mentioned this as the 4th adventure in the Girl Spy series, I can not see what movie they were meaning that I have not listed prior to this one.