The Further Adventures of the Girl Spy

The Further Adventures of the Girl Spy

Directed by Sidney Olcott

Written by Gene Gauntier

Cast: Gene Gauntier as Nan, the Girl Spy

From Moving Picture World, Vol 6 #13, April 2, 1910.
"A war story that promises to be popular, since it details graphically what purports to be the adventures of a girl spy."

Scene I: The "Peddler" Brings a Call for Nan, the Girl Spy.
Scene II: Nan Receives Her Orders. "I'll Get It, General, or Never Return."
Scene III: Nan Arrives at the Enemy's Secret Meeting Place.
Scene IV: Nan Learns the Enemy's Plans.
Scene V: The Pursuit. A Daring Ruse.
Scene VI: Nan, Disguised as a Boy, Is Carried Through the Lines.
Scene VII: Nan's Audacious Trick.
Scene VIII: "General, I Have Succeeded."