The Girl Spy: An Incident of the Civil War

The Girl Spy: An Incident of the Civil War

Directed by Sidney Olcott

Written by Gene Gauntier

Cast: Gene Gauntier as Nan, the Girl Spy

From Moving Picture World, Vol 4 #20, May 15, 1909.
"During the latter part of our great Civil War, when the Union Army had pushed their operations into the South Atlantic States, the general in command of the campaign was very much harassed by the miraculous way in which his plans became known to the enemy. Numerous attempts were made to discover the source of the enemy's information, but they proved futile. It was not until several years after the close of the war that he learned it was due to the daring work of a young girl spy. The daughter of a Southern family, left motherless in early childhood, her life had become embittered by the death of her father and only brother during one of the early struggles of the great conflict. She had consecrated her entire life to the cause of their beloved Southland. "

Scene 1: Nan Receives Her Orders.
Scene 2: The Wires are Tapped.
Scene 3: Nan Escapes with the Tapped Dispatches.
Scene 4: Nan Eludes Her Pursuers. A Clever Ruse.
Scene 5: Nan's Horse Found. Again Suspected.
Scene 6: Nan is Joined by Her Confederate and They Escape.
Scene 7: The Pursuit.
Scene 8: The Dispatches Delivered.