Secret Service in Darkest Africa
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Secret Service in Darkest Africa

Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet

Written by Royal K. Cole, Ronald Davidson, Basil Dickey, Jesse Duffy, Joseph O'Donnell, Joseph F. Poland

Cast: Rod Cameron as Rex Bennett, Joan Marsh as Janet Blake, Duncan Renaldo as Pierre LaSalle, Lionel Royce as Baron von Rommler, Kurt Kreuger as Ernst Muller

Aided again by agents from the other Allied nations, Rex Bennett is sent to Africa to stop German Baron von Rommler. That man has kidnapped Sultan Abou Ben Ali and is taking his place in disguise to unite the continent against the Allies.

This four-hour movie was released as a 15-part serial. The names and lengths of each section are:
- North African Intrigue (25min 26s)
- The Charred Witness (15min 35s)
- Double Death (15min 33s)
- The Open Grave (15min 34s)
- Cloaked in Flame (15min 36s)
- Dial of Doom (15min 36s)
- Murder Dungeon (15min 35s)
- Funeral Arrangements Completed (15min 35s)
- Invisible Menace (15min 35s)
- Racing Peril (15min 34s)
- Lightning Terror (15min 34s)
- Ceremonial Execution (15min 33s)
- Fatal Leap (15min 33s)
- Victim of Villainy (15min 33s)
- Nazi Treachery Unmasked (15min 33s)

It was later re-edited to become a 100-minute movie for television release.