G-Men vs. the Black Dragon
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G-Men vs. the Black Dragon

Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet, William Witney

Written by Ronald Davidson, William Lively, Joseph O'Donnell, Joseph F. Poland

Cast: Rod Cameron as Rex Bennett, Roland Got as Chang Sing, Constance Worth as Vivian Marsh, Nino Pipitone as Oyama Haruchi

The Japanese secret organization known as the Black Dragon Society is smuggling enemy agents into the States, disguised as mummies. Rex Bennett is asked to help stop them, joining with agents from China and England.

This four-hour movie was released as a 15-part serial. The names and lengths of each section are:
- The Yellow Peril (25min 26s)
- Japanese Inquisition (15min 34s)
- Arsenal of Doom (15min 32s)
- Deadly Sorcery (15min 34s)
- Celestial Murder (15min 36s)
- Death and Destruction (15min 35s)
- The Iron Monster (15min 35s)
- Beast of Tokyo (15min 39s)
- Watery Grave (15min 31s)
- The Dragon Strikes (15min 34s)
- Suicide Mission (15min 35s)
- Dead on Arrival (15min 31s)
- Condemned Cargo (15min 34s)
- Flaming Coffin (15min 34s)
- Democracy in Action (15min 40s)

It was later re-edited to become a 100-minute movie for television release.