Scalextric 007 James Bond

Released 1964

Loosely base on the Goldfinger movie. A Fantastic Car Chase Set with special operating cars and a circuit packed with untold thrills. Track is 18ft. 8in. (569 cm) and has 22 pieces that you snap together. The set comes with 2 Cars both with special features. The 1st car is a white Special 007 Aston Martin G.T. and has 2 passengers. It has 2 features, a raise up Bullet-Proof Screen and an Ejector Seat. The 2nd car is a black Special Mercedes 190SL Sports with 2 passengers and its special feature is a Touch Bumper-Crash Action! The set also included 2 Hand Throttles, 4 straw bales, 6 banking wedges, 8 oil drums and 10 marker cones. The power unit (transformer) was not included and had to be gotten separate.