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The Spy Who Loved Me Puzzles

Released 1977

A series of 3 jigsaw puzzles based on the 10th Official James Bond Film. Each has a 150 pieces that interlock and measures 10 x 14 inches when put together. Artwork is presumed by Earl H. Narem, an American artist and they were all his concepts. None of the scenes depicted were ever a part of the movie. James Bond (Roger Moore) and Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach) are featured in each, plus Jaws (Richard Kiel) appears in 2 and so do others unknown. The 3 puzzles are placed in the chronological order they might have been shown in the movie as if they were scenes as follows;
1. Karnak Temple Fight - James Bond is fighting with Jaws at the Karnak Temple in Luxor, a place in Egypt. Bond high kicks Jaws in defends of himself and Anya Amasova .
2. Agents Vs. Villains - 007 (James Bond) and Triple X (Anya Amasova) are in the Lotus Esprit S1 car (Wet Nellie was the special built submarine of this car underwater) battling those in the Stromberg Helicopter. Bond is shooting at who ever it is that is shooting back.
3. Saving Major Amasova - James Bond is gunning for Jaws who is trying to get to Ayna Amasova by ripping the car door off the Lotus Esprit S1 with his teeth, while there is a gun battle between others in the back around.