The Danger Man Jigsaws
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The Danger Man Jigsaws

A series of 4 jigsaws puzzles with 320 pieces that also measured 17 1/2 by 11 3/8 inches. Each of them have artwork by famous artist Walter Howarth. The 4 puzzles are as follows;
1. The River Chase - Depicts a chase scene on the river from the Danger Man series.
2. Trouble At The Hotel - Depicts a fight scene between John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) and some other men.
3. A Dangerous Moment - Depicts John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) in a car being chased by an airplane with his gun ready to fire.
4. The Rooftop Adventure - Depicts a scene on a rooftop where John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) and a woman are hiding from the bad guys.