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Released 1996

A game for up to 6 players. It may have been played at an entertainment center, a store or even a movie theater. There were 2,200 machines produced for the worldwide playing public. It was a Solid State Electronic with Tank and Satellite Radar Dish toy features. Other noted features were 2 Flippers, 3 Pop Bumpers, 2 Slingshots, 14 Standup Targets, a Trust Magnet that gabbed the ball to fling it upfield from the flippers and a Scoring Screen that showed special video type animations called Cows and Easter Eggs. They were done as follows; In the introduction sequence where Bond draws his gun at you, draw faster than him with a special Gun. If you beat Bond then you will see 1 of 11 different videos that are;
1. Bond Falls Dead.
2. He get blown into tiny bits.
3. Is chased by a giant head of Xenia Onatop.
4. is flattened by a falling Pinball Game.
5. Is chased by Q in a Wheelchair, who says "Oh grow up 007!"
6. Is chased by a Cow.
7. Is chased by a T-Rex from Jurassic Park.
8. Is chased by a Multiball.
9. Is pursued by a Comet-Like Skull.
10. Drops all Clothes excluding his Briefs.
11. Runs from 4 bouncing Pinballs.
A 12th animation is for the Tank Multiball, that's the word "POW" appearing in the center of a cloud of smoke. Sega's Sales Slogan was; "It's Pinball Like You've Never Played It Before ... Sega Pinball's Got A New Game Worth Its Weight In Gold."