Joe 90 Annual 1969

Joe 90 Annual 1969

Written by Gerry Anderson

A collection of articles, text adventures, and graphic stories all connected to Joe 90. The stories were:
Graphic Stories:
~!Lust For Gold!~
~!Deadly Toy!~
~!Rat Trap!~
~!Phantom Light!~
~!Doctor Fawkes!~
~!Operation Torch!~
Text Stories:
~!Bach To The Rescue!~
~!Talk Down!~
~!The Small Invasion!~
Articles include:
~!History of W.I.N.!~
~!Bios on Joe 90, Ian McClaine, Sam Loover, and Shane Weston!~
~!Details on Shane Weston's suped-up car!~
~!Facts on BIG RAT!~
~!Layout of the McClaine cottage and underground Lab.!~