Arc 33:  "Myra North and the Mystic Dragon"

Written by Ray Thompson (writer), Charles Coll (artist)

Sunday story arc #15. This adventure is the longest of the Sunday arcs.
To Dr. Wu and his now assistant Myra North is sent "the famous 'Mystic Dragon' of Kublai Khan for safe keeping during the Hostilities". This not so secret delivery is learned of by the infamous "crafty and eccentric scientist Zero" by reading of it in the newspaper. Zero sees it as the opportunity of a lifetime. Zero's interest is because the 'opalescent crystal' eyes of the ivory statuette begin sparkling like live coals when certain gems are brought near them. Zero is certain there is some process he must learn to the reaction. While combatting Zero, the two learn of his strange potion which temporarily change him, Hyde-Jekyll style, into a tall, handsome, sophisticated looking British man. The tale gets even stranger with the introduction of an Indian metaphysician and the legendary Scheherazade as well as Sinbad the Sailor, not to mention a bit of time travel by Zero and an underwater civilization!

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