Arc 10:  "The Case Of The Abandoned Babies"
By Ray Thompson (writer), Charles Coll (artist)
Strips: D433 - D504
Dates: 06/28/1937 - 09/18/1937
Daily story arc #10.
Myra North is using the huge amount of reward money from the insurance company from the previous adventure to open a nursery for abandoned babies. She hires a Dr. Jason (who Jack Lane is jealous of immediately) to help. Right after the opening, Lew Wen is making breakfast when he finds in an egg a message typed on onion skin paper. It directs North "for the future welfare of the clinic" to go to a certain location and take special care of what they find there. What they find there are infant twins, along with a note demanding no one try to trace their origin. After that, things get strange but there is a princess from a small European nation involved.

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