Arc 4:  "The Case Of The Electric Chair Of Professor Garstin"
By Ray Thompson (writer), Charles Coll (artist)
Strips: D166 - D204
Dates: 08/20/1936 - 10/03/1936
Daily story arc #4
Accepting an offer to join Sir Edmond on a vacation voyage across the Med to Monte Carlo, Myra North and Jack Lane are introduced to a few celebrities also onboard the liner. One is a famous international banker named Ellis Granville who begs a private meeting with North. In it he reveals that a notorious scientist from Vienna named Julius Garstin "holds [Granville's] very life in the palm of his hand". North initially refuses to get involved but when he is pushed by his fiancee, Celia, to bet a fortune at the roulette table, loses it, and then tries to commit suicide, North is determined to learn what hold that Viennese doctor holds over Granville. To do that, she inveigles a top as a nurse at his clinic. She soon learns of his bizarre experiments to use an electric chair as part of his procedure to make old people younger.

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