Arc 1:  "The Case Of The Urbanian Diamonds"

Written by Ray Thompson (writer), Charles Coll (artist)

Daily story arc #1
Answering a call for a nurse, Myra North reports to a Mister Hyster who has a suite of rooms in a hotel likely in New York. He has a patient named Spike she is to treat but she is to ignore all she sees and hears. Spike suffers from a gun shot. in his coat pocket is a very expensive-looking diamond necklace. He tells her Hyster is part of a big jewel-smuggling ring wanted by numerous countries. North is determined to learn more. She will eventually learn that the diamond necklace as well as secret fortification plans (for some place) are enroute the 'Gold Coast' of West Africa and a country called Ubania, a poor nation with a source of diamonds.
Note: there are a couple of large inconsistencies that are glossed over completely but which are fun to ponder:
First, Hyster, who has a full pointed beard, is able to hide it completely in a disguise using only a little make-up.
Second, Jack Lane, suspecting something untoward was happening on a yacht in the harbor, swam out to it and then shows up onboard immaculately dressed in suit and tie.
Third, North and Lane spend an entire night in a small rowboat only to discover in the morning a Chinese fellow in a coma beneath a tarp.

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