Arc 8:  "Trouble On Planet 694"
Strips: 253 - 324
Dates: 11/12/1951 - 02/02/1952
Daily story arc #5
Stunned when his two companions on his journey to the space station disappear, Roger Lincoln encounters an android who says he was sent from Planet 694 to bring Lincoln to that planet. Arriving there, Lincoln meets the "executive ruler", Kala, who says that when Lincoln deposed the station's leader, he interrupted that man's suppling of a "nerve tonic" that Kala needs to survive. On threat of Cynthia's harm, Lincoln must return to Earth to get a supply of this "tonic". Soon Kala will arrive herself to bargain a shipment of uranium for the "tonic". The ending is an odd one with regards what happened to Cynthia!

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