Arc 6:  "Trouble At The Space Station"

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Daily story arc #4
Ordered to visit the Mt.Wilson Observatory, Roger Lincoln is told how six years before, a Dr. Echols invented and built for the U.S. a space station. "The night before its launching, it shot into space - Dr. Echols, plans, and all!" Now it is in orbit 1000 miles above the Earth. Lincoln and Blake have the assignment to take another rocket to the station to learn who stole it and why. Lincoln's job is to handle any problems that might come up. Blake's role is to make sure that Echols allows them to dock with the station since it is known that Echols cannot resist a pretty woman. Things get dicey when Echols proves to be a megalomaniac but even worse when after resolving that issue, Lincoln learns an android was sent to fetch him to Planet 694.

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