A Ghost in the Tomb
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A Ghost in the Tomb

Written by Tim Seeley (writer), Tom King (writer), Mikel Janin (artist)

Collects Grayson issues #13-#16 and Robin War #1-#2: Amazon blurb: "Dick Grayson—the former Robin turned Nightwing turned superspy Agent 37—is back to work at the covert global agency, Spyral. But one question continues to haunt him: Who is Agent Zero, and what does she want with him?
Reluctantly aided by his partner, Tiger, Grayson uncovers Agent Zero’s origins within the secret lair of Spyral’s deceased founder, Doctor Dedalus. In doing so, he and Tiger also become ensnared in a malevolent ouroboros, a self-consuming circle of violence that endlessly connects Spyral to the criminal organization known as Leviathan."

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