Death Over Washington

Death Over Washington

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From Spy Smasher Comics #05 - Four adventures:
Death Over Washington - A planning session in Washington for the battle of the Atlantic is visited by an apparition claiming to be Death and touching one of the members, kills him. Spy Smasher learns of this and goes hunting for Death and lands up in Hell. Sorta.
The Two-Faced Killer - Two naval investigators have been murdered recently and Alan Armstrong, aka Spy Smasher, gets interested in what they had learned that got them killed.
Versus America Smasher - Though America Smasher has been captured, no one thought it a good idea to take off his powerful mailed fist and he uses it to break free. A month later, he is back with a strange propaganda movie shown in the sky.
The Victory Battalion Young boys pretending to be Spy Smasher overhear a gang of Axis spies planning to destroy a ship convoy.

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