The Red Death

The Red Death

Written by Manly Wade Wellman (writer), Charles Sulton (artist)

From Spy Smasher Comics #02 - Four adventures:
The Red Death - At a meeting of intelligence officers to discuss the arrival of the terrorist called the Red Death but he shows up to kill one of them. Spy Smasher leaps in.
The Tigress - The gang leader known as the Tigress has one of her men kill a Senator and then disguises another man to take the pol's place.
America Smasher's Air Raid - A deadly saboteur known as America Smasher is determined to destroy America and starts with trying to destroy Spy Smasher.
The Mystery of The Eye - The latest would-be America destroyer is the man known as The Eye who threatens Admiral Corby prompting his daughter to call in Spy Smasher.

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