Spy x Family Vol. 3

Spy x Family Vol. 3

Written by Tatsuya Endo (writer and artist), Colin Milliken (translator), Casey Loe (translator)

Contains Missions 12-17 and Extra Mission 2:

Mission 12: Yor's brother, Yuri, visits to really scope out her husband, suspicious and jealous. The more wine consumed, the greater the anger and the easier for Forger to realize Yuri is really a spy.
Mission 13: Yuri's jealousy over Yor's marriage to Loid Forger, coupled with his excessive drinking, causes the get-together to really spiral out of control but all barely manage to hold it together though this does force Yor and Loid to kiss - sort of.
Mission 14: A bit concerned that Yor might actually have know Yuri was an SSS agent, he decides to put her to a test by going in disguise as a government agent and threatening to arrest her, knowing if she knew she had a brother in the SSS she would use that to get out of trouble. She passed and Loid felt guilty over the ruse.
Mission 15: Anya learns that the MVP in a dodge ball match gets a stella star so she is out to earn that spot. So, unfortunately, is Damian, the boy she had a run in with and whom she is supposed to get close to.
Mission 16: Getting a bit desperate to come up with a way to get Anya into the elite group Forger needs her in, he starts looking for other ways for her to earn a stella star. This includes helping at the community service. That is where Anya picks up a telepathic cry for help from a boy drowning in a pool. She races to rescue him.
Mission 17: Having gotten her first stella star, Anya tries to make friends again with Damian but fails. Her one friend at school convinces her she should ask for something special for her achievement and she decides on a dog because Damian has a dog.
Extra Mission 2: Loid worries that his cover identity as a husband and father might need some work so he asks Yor out on a date. She readily accepts even though she is suffering from a gunshot wound to the butt while taking out a terrorist cell as the Thorn Queen.

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