Spy x Family Vol. 2

Spy x Family Vol. 2

Written by Tatsuya Endo (writer and artist), Colin Milliken (translator)

Contains Missions 6-11 and Extra Mission 1:

Mission 6: Stunned to be placed on the waiting list and then told Anya was accepted, Loid Folger follows through on his promise to give her whatever she wants - which is to be a princess rescued from a castle.
Mission 7: Folger is called in to a meeting his Handler, his handler, who gives him a dressing down for his expenses. She then explains in details some mysterious underpinnings of the Eden Academy, and an elite group of students called the Imperial Scholars. Meanwhile, while grocery shopping, Anya gets snatched by a gang seeing $ signs and quick cash. Yor/Thorn shows them otherwise.
Mission 8: Welcoming ceremonies at the school. Anya finds out the hard way that the school has its share of bullies; one of them finds that Anya has been training the Yor and has a pretty good punch.
Mission 9: When Anya punched the brat at school, she did not know it was vital for Forger's plan that she befriend him. Now she must apologize or ruin everything.
Mission 10: Since Anya'a apology went nowhere, Forger must go back to Plan A and make sure Anya gets superb grades in school. She, though, has trouble with math and trying to read Forger or Yor's minds gets her even more confused.
Mission 11: Anya is slowly learning math by counting bullets! Yuri, Yor's brother, learns she is married and prepares to visit even as he has to interrogate a man arrested for treason in the hopes the man will know about the West spy Twilight.
Extra Mission 1: HQ wants Forger to shop a shipment of chemical weapons whole Folger wants to take his fake family on a trip to the aquarium to appear normal to suspicious neighbors.

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