Spy x Family Vol. 1

Spy x Family Vol. 1

Written by Tatsuya Endo (writer and artist), Colin Milliken (translator)

Contains Missions 1-5:
Mission 1: Twilight is sent to the Berlint, Ostania, to spy on a major political leader, Donovan Desmond. He creates a false identity of Loid Forger, psychiatrist. He adopts a small child, Anya. As he prepares to try and enroll her in an elite school, she accidentally lets an old enemy know where Twilight is and that man and his gang comes calling.
Mission 2: Twilight learns he must come up with a fake wife for an interview at the school. He meets Yor at a clothing shop and the two work out a one-time deal. A sudden extra mission pops up where he must stop a smuggling ring.
Mission 3: Welcome to the family! Forger and Twilight and Anya move into their new home and the Forgers begin the process of learning to be a 'real' family.
Mission 4: The open house at the school for all perspective applicants and their family has come and the Forger family is one of many put through some interesting paces to weed out undesirables.
Mission 5: The actual interview in which one of the interviewees goes way, way too far with embarrassing and provocative questions, prompting Forger to storm out of the room with his family, knowing it was the end of the whole assignment.

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