Cannon #1

Cannon #1

Written by Wally Woods (writer & artist)

Reprint of full-size pages #1 - #33 from the Overseas Weekly newspaper. 11"x17", black and white.
Tells of the history of Cannon and Madame Toy as well as the mission by Cannon to rescue the leader of the country of Ismiria held by Madame Toy, followed by the trap for him back in Iowa by communist spymaster Comrade Gorsk and his beautiful colleague, Sue Smith. It also sees Cannon have to deal with both Madame Toy and Sue Smith while down in Central America stopping the use of an atomic bomb.
This initial volume contains the strips in the story arcs:
"The Trouble In Ismiria", "The Trap Of Comrade Gorsk", "Taking The Fight To Gorsk", "Trouble In Central America", "The Return of Madame Toy", and the beginning of "To Take Down General Prodres".

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