24: Legacy - Rules of Engagement
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24: Legacy - Rules of Engagement

Written by Christopher Farnsworth (writer), Antonio Fuso (artist), Lee Loughridge (colors), Tom B. Long (letters)

Trade paperback containing the 5-issue adventure.
The story tells two major events in the life of Eric Carter prior to his joining CTU. The first is in DC in 2005 as a teenage Carter works with his brother to survive a drug deal gone very badly, going up against a bad cop and a turncoat supplier. The second is in Iraq with Carter being a member of the Rangers providing protection for a CIA meet with friendly forces which goes very badly when the Iraqi would-be warlord turns on the Americans.
Issue 1: Don't Regret Nothing
Issue 2: Never Leave a Man Behind
Issue 3: See the Enemy First
Issue 4: When Surrounded by a Superior Force
Issue 5: Let Him Have It

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