Johnny Dynamite: Underworld
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Johnny Dynamite: Underworld

Written by Max Allan Collins (writer), Terry Beatty (pencils and inks and colors), Gary Kato (letters)

A 4-part graphic adventure mini-series, Sep.-Dec. 1994.
"A rock ‘em/sock ‘em private eye from the windy city, Johnny Dynamite’s back with his best gal and faithful secretary Judy Kane by his side! In this hard-boiled, psychotronic occult period piece, Johnny’s fighting zombies in Vegas with crime on their undead minds!"
An old girlfriend, Vicki Vickers, wants Johnny's help to get free of a gangster movie producer. That fellow, Tony Mal, has hitman Freddy Faust kill her. Dynamite tracks Faust down and kills him. Then the real trouble begins as Faust makes a deal with the Devil to return to Earth and cause no end of trouble which Dynamite will have to deal with before tracking Faust down and killing him again.
The stories in each issue, all 26 pages long, were:
Revenge for a Black-Eyed Blonde
King of the Underworld
Don of the Dead
Knight of the Living Dead

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