I'll Find That Killer

I'll Find That Killer

Written by Pete Morisi (artist), William Waugh (writer)

1st of 3 graphic adventures published in Dynamite Comics #3, Sep. 1953, 8 pages.
A fellow named Charlie Harper won big time at the track but was shot in the back not long after and robbed. Descriptions from the track guards led the cops to Wells Chapman, a freelance script writer for comicbooks. Though he swore he was innocent, he was shot while trying to escape after being convicted. A few days later, a woman approached Johnny Dynamite to ask him to find the real culprit. She was certain Chapman was innocent because she was a professional astrologer and his birth chart 'proved' he was not guilty. Then she is found dead from a broken neck!
Reprinted in Ms. Tree #38, Apr, 1987.

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