So Shall Ye Reap ... Death!

So Shall Ye Reap ... Death!

Written by Jim Steranko (writer and artist), Sam Rosen (letters), Frank Giacoia (inks)

Published in Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #2, 07/1968.
"Off the Pacific Coast, en route to the Heli-Carrier Fury and Jimmy Woo are knocked out of the sky and wind up on a volcanic island transformed into a Garden of Eden and biological laboratory by Centurius, a scientist who disappeared in the 1930s when his theories were scoffed at. After creating both new and extinct forms of life and sending them into space Centurius plans to rain down fire on the Earth for forty days and forty nights, cleansing it and starting the world anew. With the help of a visiting movie company and their robot gorilla prop, Fury and Woo put the kibosh on his plans."

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