Ghost Station Zero
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Ghost Station Zero

Written by Antony Johnston (writer), Shari Chankhamma (artist), Simon Bowland (letters)

Published in a 4-issue mini-series of the same name from August 2017 to November 2017 and released the next year as a graphic novel.
Ghost Stations are "a network of abandoned Soviet Cold War bases, left to rot for the past thirty years", each a treasure trove of intel. EON has been locating them, snatching the data, and then destroying them. So has someone else recently. Annika Malikova, Codename Babouska, is given the assignment to reach one of those stations before the other team does to learn who they are and then stop them.
Part 1 - Before getting the next mission from Mr. Clay, Malikova has some unfinished business in China where she disrupts a human trafficking operation and helps eliminate the man behind it. Then it is on to Montelmo Resort in the Swiss Alps where a ghost station is thought to exist.
Part 2 - At the resort, Malikova is looking for a mission EON agent. She has been told he was meeting a contact at the casino there known as HH. Finding her to be an attractive blackjack dealer, she seduces the woman and then uses her to get to Ghost Station Zero.
Part 3 - Learning what happened to the missing agent is followed up by learning who is person behind the competition with EON. Before she can go after that person, however, Malikova has to deal with an very angry and revengeful HH, not to mention an avalanche.
Part 4 - Tracking down where the head of the opposition is heading came quite quickly but so too did the return of a very, very angry HH, sporting an eye-patch thanks to Baboushka. Taken to the final location, Greenland, as a prisoner means the chances for surviving are quite low.

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