The Conclave of Death
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The Conclave of Death

Written by Antony Johnston (writer), Shari Chankhamma (artist), Simon Bowland (letters)

Published in a 5-issue mini-series of the same name from October 2015 to March 2016 and released later that year as a graphic novel.
EON learns that a man named Felton, an aging ex-CIA official turned global crime lord, is planning on selling his storehouse of data amassed over a couple decades for working first the the Agency and then as a crime boss. Mr. Clay wants someone with Malikova's background to attend the conclave of international crime bosses where an auction is to be held.

Part 1 - Malikova's first step is to infiltrate an end-of-year gathering of Goran Sablic, one of the world's most notorious criminals, in a mountain retreat in the Andes and eliminate him. We also see flashbacks to how Malikova and Mr. Clay meet three weeks before. Plus a one page set up for the next step.
Part 2 - Sent to the Indian Ocean to join an ocean liner cruising there, Malikova will crash the secret auction is being held there as Felton tells the group of his trove for sale. That part of the mission is just starting when Somali pirates hijack the ship for ransom. As Babouska fights back, she learns that the head pirate is working for someone higher up and there is something far bigger than a hijacking underway.
Part 3 - Continuing to elude the pirates hunting her on the huge ship, Malikova overhears the leader talk to his boss by phone promising to find the now-dead ex-CIA official's data. That unknown boss is well familiar with how capable Baboushka can be.
Part 4 - Meeting up with another member of the conclave, Malikova determines who the real boss is and that the purpose of the attack is to get the data without paying for it. Now she needs to stop them from succeeding and from killing lots of people including her.
Part 5 - Knowing the whole plan that the hijackers have and surviving it are two different things. Plus there is the matter of finding the data Felton was going to sell. Then dealing with a duplicitous Mr. Clay after the fireworks are over.

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