Secret Squirrel
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Secret Squirrel

Written by J. M. DeMatteis (writer), Tom Mandrake (artist), Travis Lanham (letterer), Hi-Fi (colors)

A story told in 4 parts that are in 4 different Specials from December 2018 with 8 pages in each for a total of 32 pages. The Special comics are listed with each part.
Part One: Pinkie Problem! (Deathstroke / Yogi Bear Special #1)
Part Two: Father Figures! (Green Lantern / Huckleberry Hound Special #1)
Part Three: Honey, I ShrunkThe Squirrel! (Nightwing / Magilla Gorilla Special #1)
Part Four: Unplugged! (Superman / Top Cat Special #1)

In an adventure that takes place shortly after the Brainwave project mentioned above, Secret Squirrel and Honey Bea are taking a well deserved vacation in the Caribbean when they are interrupted by a flying saucer. It is Morocco Mole, the new head of the ISS with word that an old enemy, Yellow Pinkie, has returned. Which is odd to SS since he thought he had killed YP himself but as we are reminded, "in our profession, death is often a cleverly crafted illusion". It seems that YP was the father of Honey Bea and someone now controls an army of YP androids to plague SS.

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