Secret Squirrel
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Secret Squirrel

Written by Keith Giffen (writer), J. M. DeMatteis (writer), Howard Porter (pencils and inks), Andy Kuhn (pencils and inks), Sam Lotfi (pencils and inks), Phil Jimenez (pencils and inks), Rick Leonardi (pencils), Travis Lanham (letters), John Rauch (colors), Colleen Doran (pencils and inks), Hi-Fi (colors)

A story told in serial format in Scooby Apocalypse #16-29, Oct 2017 - November 2018, 5 page in each issue for a total of 70 pages.

The top scientists in the world are being murdered and their brains surgically removed. Secret Squirrel is put on the hunt to find who and why and he is ordered to work with the beautiful human female Agent Honey Bea, who is less thrilled about it than 000.
Each segment is individually titled. Those segments are:

#16: Secret Squirrel:
Secret Squirrel, Agent 000, is told by Double-Q that a female Russian scientist who had defected from the old Soviet Union 35 years before and had been working since then for various American intelligence agencies, was found murdered in her backyard, her brain removed and taken. Secret Squirrel is told to find out who did it and why.
#17 - Strange Bedfellows:
After we learn that a cabal has hired a very experienced assassin nicknamed the 'Wily Wolf' to hunt down and kill Secret Squirrel, we watch Secret get outfitted to go on the hunt for the missing brain. This means teaming up, apparently again, with Agent Bea, a beautiful human black woman. After considerable and entertaining banter, they prepare for the mission.
#18 - To Bea Or Not To Bea:
The Wily Wolf (not an exact translation) sends a drone known as the killicopter to take out 000 as well as his companion, Bea. 000 is just a little embarrassed he forgot his quantum grenade launcher back at the hotel.
#19 - Broken!:
Secret Squirrel is in very bad shape after his destruction of the attack helo and in urgent need of medical attention. To keep a low profile, she shoves his unconscious torn body into her handbag and heads to the nearest vet. Meanwhile, the Chief, knowing a temporary replacement for 000 is needed, contacts a retired Morocco Mole.
#20 - Deadly Reunion:
Bea is less than thrilled to take 000 to entice Morocco to join the operation, considering him to be the most inept agent since, well, Secret Squirrel. 
#21 - Bikini Bloodbath:
Visiting Morocco to get him to help, Secret Squirrel and Agent Bea trade plenty of insults with the little mole only to learn to their surprise when the three beautiful human females hired to wait on Morocco clad only in bikinis suddenly don machine gun wristbands and open fire on the trio.
#22 - Brain Hunt:
Back with the Wily Wolf, the people hiring him to eliminate 000 are quite unhappy with his performance and are threatening legal action if Secret Squirrel is not killed soon. And back in the States, the FBI sends a team to investigate yet another scientist dead with his brain missing, led by Special Agent Sculder.
#23 - No Noose Is Good Noose:
Even as the bad guys have internal squabbles leading to Wily Wolf being ordered to take out the local leadership, the conditions with Secret Squirrel, Agent Honey Bea, and Morocco Mole are not as bad but almost as close.
#24 - Betrayed!:
Flying to where they think the villains are operating, Secret Squirrel and team are surprised by Wily Wolf who has killed the pilot of the jet they are on. He confronts his arch-nemesis, Secret, who has no idea who Wolf is!
#25 - Brained!:
Arriving in the Alps headquarters of the opposition, they are stunned to find that their boss, Double-Q is actually working for the other side and that side is led by Doctor O, who turns out to be an opossum.
#26 - Animal Magnetism:
As Agent Bea and Morocco have to deal with the soldiers sent to kill them, Secret Squirrel has to deal with a very lustful Doctor O who wants to entice him to join her.
#27 - The Secret Origin of Secret Squirrel:
Doctor O thinks she has gotten Secret Squirrel on her side by removing his mental block that had him thinking he was actually a human operative. But he really has not stopped believing it and fools her enough to be able to blow up the computer she has created with the stolen brains.
#28 - The Big Bang:
With the computer gone, what remains is eliminating enough of Doctor O's henchmen to blow up the headquarters, hopefully getting away in time.
#29 - The End of Secret Squirrel:
With that mission finally over, Secret Squirrel is pleased to return to ISS headquarters to see what new mission there might be. He is stunned to learn that the replacement for the traitorous Double-Q is .... Morocco Mole. Secret Squirrel is not amused.

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