Felix Leiter
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Felix Leiter

Written by James Robinson (writer), Aaron Campbell (artist)

A six-part solo adventure. The individual issues were:
Felix Leiter #1 (01/11/2017) - Felix Leiter finds myself in Japan tracking down a beautiful Russian spy from his past.
Felix Leiter #2 (02/08/2017) - The mission was suppose to be easy trailing a Russian Spy in Tokyo. Felix is unwittingly drawn into the investigation of a major terrorist attach. Now with Tiger Tanaka (the Japanese version of James Bond) he must find the leader of the terrorists.
Felix Leiter #3 (03/15/2017) - In the aftermath of a Tokyo terrorist attach Felix Leiter must work with Tiger Tanaka and his elite operatives to bring down the cult's leader and discovering the secret of the deadly bio-weapon before another attach.
Felix Leiter #4 (04/19/2017) - The investigation draws Leiter in deeper.
Felix Leiter #5 (05/17/2017) - [plot unknown]
Felix Leiter #6 (06/21/2017) - [plot unknown]

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