John Force #3

John Force #3

Written by Richard E. Hughes (writer), Paul Reinman (artist)

Issue containing three illustrated tales and one text story:
Soldier Without A Gun - 12 pages - John Force's success record attracts the attention of a foreign agent, Dr. Petrov, who kidnaps him and uses hypnosis to gain the secret and then the medallion, leaving Force powerless.
The King Is Dead! - 5 pages - The king of Rodania is much loved by his people but the head of his secret police wants him dead.
Beware of the Black Brigade - 9 pages - The thugs of the Black Brigade are spreading across Europe using a protection racket to pay for their expansion. To infiltrate their headquarters, John Force uses a mad scientist's shrinking 2D ray machine to become 6" tall.
The 2-page text story is:
Money Mystery

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