John Force #1

John Force #1

Written by Paul Reinman (artist), Richard E. Hughes (writer)

Issue containing three illustrated and two text stories:
John Force, Magic Agent - 13 pages - An anti-gravitational device is stolen from a remote secret facility and the President calls upon John Force to find and retrieve it.
D-Day, H-Hour! - 7 pages - A tale from 1944 and the days leading up to D-Day, telling how John Force played an important role working with the Resistance in Transylvania to keep a Panzer division tied down. It also tells how John Force came into possession of the magic talisman.
The Cougar Strikes - 6 pages - An impressive bank heist in Baronia by communist rebels resulted in the theft of millions planned to be used in their cause. John Force is teamed with other ASG agents to get the booty back.
The 1-page text stories are:
Ultimatum and The Case That Couldn't Be Cracked

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