Freedom Agent

Freedom Agent

Written by Paul S. Newman (writer), Giovanni Ticci (penciler), Alberto Giolitti (inker)

Two stories contained in this issue:
The Giant Makers - 15 pages - Smuggled film out of the Iron Curtain shows a lab doing research in incredible growth hormones. John Steele is ordered to infiltrate the facility and free the scientist behind it.
Escape From The Top Of The World - 11 pages - John Steele, Freedom Agent, is sent via Nepal into Tibet to investigate a 'fireball' that crashed there.
Behind Enemy Lines - The Heavy Water Raid - 4 pages - graphical recount of efforts during WWII to stymie the German atomic work.
The House Painter of Caen - 1 page text story of a man who uses the guise of a house painter to steal fortifications from the Germans.
Seagoing Vessels - Ships of Egypt - short history of Ancient Egyptian vessels.
Seagoing Vessels - The Arab Dhow - short history of the Arab type of ship.

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