Get Smart Lunchbox
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Get Smart Lunchbox

A metal food container (lunchbox) with art by Nick LoBianco that features characters from the hit spy comedy series of the 1960's. Did Max have to Control his eating habits around 99 and the Chief? Well, Get Smart, he did! The illustration on all sides are as follows;
Front (Lid Side) - Depicts Maxwell Smart or Agent 86 (Don Adams) and Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) with a dog near a fire hydrant.
Back - Depicts a scene from the TV series with Max and 99. Believed to be Episode 1-1 that was titled Mr. Big. There is also a large portrait type picture of Max to the right of the scene shown.
Top (Handle Side) - Depicts Max and the Chief under the Cone of Silence.
Left Side - Depicts Max trapped in a storage closet firing his gun and talking on his shoe phone.
Bottom - Depicts Max and 99 tied up with the villains nearby. Also believed to be a scene from Episode 1-1.
Right Side - Depicts Max entering his place of work or the Control HQ.