Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Lunchbox
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Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Lunchbox

A food container (lunchbox) with pictures that feature characters from the two Hanna-Barabera Cartoons.
The illustrations on the lunchbox are as follows;
Back - Depicts Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole discussing a possible treasure with Squiddly Diddly and Chief Winchley
Front (Lid Side) - Depicts Atom Ant flying to the mailbox to see if he has any mail.
Side 1 (Handle Top) - Depicts a fox character near a broken down truck.
Side 2 (Left) - Depicts a giant pink glob created by Dr. Cranckenshaft that is about to eat a hot dog stand with a cop reporting it.
Side 3 (Bottom) - Depicts the tale of Little Red Riding Hood with Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole.
Side 4 (Right) - Depicts Atom Ant trying to stop Dr. Cranckenshaft M.D. (Mad Doctor) from robbing a bank vault.