Evil Deeds

Evil Deeds

Written by Joseph Badal

Spanning 4 decades, this books is really several novellas showing the Danforth family as they get involved in both personal and professional trouble.
1. In 1971, Captain Bob Danforth and his wife, stationed in Greece, are the victims of a kidnapping when Greek gypsies working the Bulgarian Communists, take their two-year-old son Michael.
2. In 1999, Bob Danforth, head of SpecOps for the CIA, is tasked with finding a way to bring down the head of Serbia without assassination. Snatching his cruelest general is a start.
3. Again in 1999, the ramifications of the general's abduction reach into the U.S. and touches both Bob and Liz as well as Michael over in Kosovo.
4. Michael's group is assigned duties in Kosovo helping with the refugee problem but the Serbian president still wants revenge and he is very handy. Bob cannot stay at home when his son goes missing.