The Promised War

The Promised War

Written by Thomas Greanias

Sam Deker is kidnapped and transported to nearby Jordan, subject to intense torture and interrogation. Escaping with a comrade, Uri, Deker makes it as far as the Jordan river where he is rendered unconscious.
"Deker wakes up in the middle of the ancient Israelite army on the eve of its historic siege of Jericho. Deker doesn’t know if he is dead, in some torture-induced psychosis, or really back in time. But General Bin-Nun has declared a colossal holy war, and he’s sending Deker on a dangerous mission to spy on the Promised Land in advance of the invasion. For Deker, it’s his only hope to escape this genocidal hell. Then he finds himself in the arms of a beautiful enemy named Rahab, caught in a web of deadly betrayal, as he struggles to unlock the truth, secure Israel’s future and his own, and save the twenty-first century from The Promised War."