Poseidon's Fury

Poseidon's Fury

Written by Ernest Dempsey

"Sean Wyatt of the International Archaeological Agency receives a desperate message from an old friend. It's a riddle from a five hundred year old text, a riddle only Sean and his team can solve.
Together with his wife, Adriana Villa, and best friend Tommy Schultz (the IAA Founder), the team travels to Istanbul, site of a grand theft at an auction in the affluent neighborhood of Besitkas. There, they uncover a mystery they never saw coming, and the rabbit hole opens wide.
But they aren't the only ones searching for this mythical treasure. With no end insight for the war in Ukraine, and casualties in the hundreds of thousands, the Russian president has sent his own team of elite soldiers to discover the location of an artifact they believe will not only end the war in one, swift stroke, but will make them the unstoppable superpower on Earth."