Secret Agent Of Terra
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Secret Agent Of Terra

Written by John Brunner

Initially published as a long novella in an Ace Double in 1962. Revised and re-released in 1969 as The Avengers of Carrig.
"Once the city of Carrig stood supreme on this planet that had been settled by space refugees in the distant, forgotten past. From every corner of this primitive lost world caravans came to trade - and to view the great King-Hunt, the gruesome test by which the people of Carrig chose their rulers.
Then from space came new arrivals. And with them came their invincible death guns and their ruthless, all-powerful tyranny.
Now there would be no King-Hunt in Carrig, or hope for the planet-unless a fool-hardy high-born named Saikmar and a beautiful Earthling space-spy named Maddalena, could do the impossible . . ."