Murder By Umbrella

Murder By Umbrella

Written by Jaye Rothman

Book 2 in the Fortunes of a Spy subseries.
"Defectors, deadly toxins and dilemmas await MI6 officer Nikki Sinclair on her return from Cairo when she's dispatched to a top-secret facility, deep in the heart of the English countryside, to unmask a killer. An umbrella-wielding assassin has murdered two scientists recruited from the Eastern Bloc on the streets of London, and the newly arrived Czech defector, Eva Horakova, is the prime suspect. Then, during her investigation, Nikki meets an older woman, the intriguing Professor Irma Lange, another scientist possessing secrets. Bizarre behavior and hidden agendas dog Nikki's enquiries, leaving her baffled. Is Eva guilty? Or merely a convenient scapegoat for the murders?"